Occasionally customers will log an incident reporting that one of their users has not joined an existing account in office365.  Alternatively you may find a user in HFIM that has failed to join an existing account in office365, these normally appear as InvalidSoftMatch on the customer's Office365 connector:

The default attribute flow rules on HFIM are as_authenticationAddress > Mail on the office365 connectors. 

The default join rules are as follows:

If the join rules fail (usually because the existing account in Office365 doesn't have the Mail attribute populated, so there is nothing for FIM to join on), you may have to manually join the users to the existing account in office365.


To do this go to the Joiner tab in FIM, select the Customer's Office365 connector and click search (to make it easier to identify the correct account, ensure you have the <DN>, Mail & userPrincipalName columns selected in the results window).

As you can see from the screenshot above, the user I am looking for does not have the Mail attribute populated, which is why the default join rule failed.  Find the correct userPrincipalName for the existing account in Office365 and select the account (as shown in the screenshot above).

Next, click the Configure Search Filters button.

Then click Add.

Enter a name for you search Filter and then select the metaverse attribute and datasource attributes that you want to join (in this case I am joining the as_authenticationAddress (in the MetaVerse) to the userPrincipalName (in Office365).)

Now click the Add button and then click OK to close this dialog box.

Click OK again to close the Configure Search Filters dialog box as well.

Now select the search filter you just created from the drop down box and click Apply Filter, you should hopefully be returned the account you want to join to in FIM:

Select the account from the search results and then click the Join button (you will get a confirmation message that the join was successful).

Finally, return to the search tab, find your user in FIM and you will see that the user now has 2 Distinguished Names on the Office365 connector (1 with the correct ImmutableID of the account in Office365).  Select the account that have just joined (the one with the correct ImmutableID and the Join Method of 'Joiner-rule') and then click Properties.

Click Preview.

Ensure the Full Synchronization radio button is selected and then click Generate Preview.

Once the preview has completed, if you select Connector Updates from the left hand menu, you should see that the user now only has 1 connectors again and that the object with the incorrect ImmutableID has been removed.

Now click on Start Preview from the left hand menu and click Commit Preview to save your changes.

Finally close all open windows and return to FIM and run an export ont he customer's Office365 connector, you should see your account get updated in Office365.