If you need to remove the MAs and Users / Folder in the CDC, this guide will help.


  1. Change the spscred table for the customer's connector_guid to active =0.
    1. This stops the push from sending data again in case it is still installed.
  2. Stop FIM.
  3. Change their O365 MA to not process deletions.
  4. Enable FIM.
  5. Set all of the objects in their connector space to delete = 1, and the iaclastmod to now.
    1. The MetaDB task should now run and delete all the users.
  6. From FIM:
    1. Delete the scheduled task.
    2. Remove their line from the engine sync batch file.
    3. Delete their MA from FIM.
      1. FIM must be stopped for 6.3.
  7. You may need to remove their tenancy ID from the registry. This is still being confirmed.