The onboarding spreadsheet is gone, so now if you need the O365 details, you can get them from PowerShell and log straight onto 365 with them. Follow the instructions below to do so.


First you need to go to NEU-SVC-Work1 in Royal TS (regardless of the customer's region).

Then go to the folder C:\IAMCloud\Scripts\GetO365Details\ and run the PowerShell script: GetO365Creds.ps1.

It will ask for the Tenancy Name. You can enter the customer's full name on our system, or just part. If you only enter a part of the name, and that matches more than one customer it will ask you to choose one of them, otherwise it will display the login details. It will also ask if you wish to log onto 365 with those details. If you enter y and press enter, it will log you on and you will be connected as though you had done a connect-msolservice yourself.