This document contains suggestions for troubleshooting and what to provide when contacting IAM Cloud Support that will allow the Technical Support team to resolve your issues faster and more efficiently. 


Common issues are listed below accompanied by recommendations.  

In all instances please provide as much information about the error as you can. Also it is suggested that you check our status page if all your users are affected before contacting us as our latest information will be uploaded there. The page is:

If an issue is affecting a specific group of users that we haven't organised for you, you should start by reviewing your instance of IAM Cloud and look at what is common to those users before contacting us. For example: if we classify only by staff and students, but all users in the science block are being affected, whether staff or student, then the most likely location for the cause is the science block.

If a user cannot log into a machine, then the issue is highly likely to be within your instance of IAM Cloud. We only control login to apps like Cloud Drive Mapper, Office 365, or others that we have federated for you. The exception is when you are using our self-service password reset, or known password reset features. In these cases please try a second reset before contacting us.

If a server error appears when attempting to login see the server errors section below.

Any issues that are with a programs functionality, or issues that are not with authentication, Cloud Drive Mapper, SPS, or the Portal, are usually better taken to the company that owns the program. We do not provide those programs therefore cannot provide technical advice on them.

If an issue affects only a limited number of computers, but other computers work fine, particularly with the same account, then the issue is with that machine, or with the program in question as it interacts with that machine.

if you are a partner contacting us on behalf of a client, please include the company name. If you will not be on site while we work on the issue please provide a contact on site that we can liase with, preferably an IT technician.

Login issues - Invalid Credentials - Existing User

Assuming the user can get onto the machine, first we need to eliminate user error. So it is suggested, using a computer that is not visible to others, to type the username and password into a notepad file, then copy and paste them into the login box. Remember to close the notepad file without saving after checking for mistakes. If they cannot log onto the machine, they can try to log onto Office 365 on another computer using private browsing mode for your browser.

If that does not work, then try a password reset. Password resets are usually very quick: between a few seconds and a few minutes. If, after ten minutes the user still cannot log in, try another password reset to something simple and temporary. If the user can log in with that, then the passwords are resetting properly at our end, if not, then check the SPS software on your main AD (if you have a different AD for different users, then check the relevant one for this user). You should see a message at the time you last reset the password stating the password was set, if not, make a note of any message given for that user. Then, in either case, contact us with the time that you last set the password, the message on the SPS (successful or not) the user's email address, samaccountname, and the temporary password.

Login issues - Newly Created User

First, be aware that although they tend to be quicker, it can take up to two hours for a new user to be fully created on our side. If it has been longer then that, first check portal and your office login to see if the user is in both. If the user does not appear in one or the other of them, then contact us and tell us when you created the user, the user's email and samaccountname.

If the user is in both, then try a password reset with a temporary password, and look for the successfully set message in SPS at the time you set it. If the message does not appear, of if a different message appears, then contact us with the time you set the password, the user's email, samaccountname and the temporary password.

If the SPS reports the password was reset correctly, then wait: it can take between a few seconds to a few minutes to set a password, so we suggest waiting ten minutes. If the user still cannot log in to Office 365,  then contact us with the time you set the password, the user's email, samaccountname and the temporary password.

Login issues - Re-activated User

If the user has been deactivate on your system, but you have reactivated them, treat them as a Newly Created User, but specify that you have re-activated them if you need to contact us.

Server Errors

If a user attempts to log in and receives a server error, first is the error on an IAM Cloud page? If so, contact us with the error code: a screenshot will be fine.

If the error states that it cannot connect to the internet, or cannot find the page, check your connection and the address you entered,

If the error is on a generic, or other company's error page, look at the address bar. If the address is an IAM Cloud or Federate 365 address, then contact us with a screenshot of the error, ensuring to include the address bar in the screenshot.

If, however, the error is on a generic, or other company's error page, and it does not have IAM Cloud or Federate 365 in the address bar, then the issue is with the company that controls the site that is in the address bar.

Smart Links

Should one of your smart links not work or display the wrong GUI, copy the URL from the address bar, and contact us with it.

Coud Drive Mapper

One thing to note about CDM is that due to the way Windows maps the drives, it will only show the amount of space remaining on the main hard drive for mapped drives, not the actual remaining space on those drives. This also has the unfortunate side effect of preventing files that are larger than the remaining hard drive space from being copied to the mapped drive, even if it has far more space remaining. This can be worked around by either copying the files in smaller chunks, or zipping the file into multiple zip files. This issue is being worked on, and will be fixed in a future update.

CDM Not Accepting Credentials

Should CDM ask the user to log in again, and then not accept the credentials, have them try a federated app. If they cannot log into that, then treat it as an incorrect password as above. If they can, then open CDM and click on About, check if the licence key is filled in. Contact us with their email, samaccountname, classification, if the licence key is present, and when this started.

CDM Not Mapping Drives or Mapping the Wrong Drives

First confirm that the user is in the correct classification in portal, and if they are not: check the classification rules against their object in your AD to make sure there are no mistakes. If not contact us with their email, samaccountname, which classification they are in, and which they should be in.

If they are in the correct classification, then you will need to contact us with their email, samaccountname, and which classification they are in.

User Not Showing in Portal, Office 365, or both

First confirm that the user meets the classification rules for the expected classification, and that the user is not disabled on your AD. If you make any changes, please allow up to two hours for the changes to sync through.

If they are not disabled, and they meet the classification rules, then please contact us with their email, samaccountname, and the details of where they are missing from.

Any Issue Not on This list

Please investigate in any way you can devise to ensure it is not an issue caused by your end, then if you cannot find anything contact us. Please include details of how many users are affected, the email and samaccount name of at least two users (or the user if only one is affected), full details of the issue, when you first noticed it, and any other information that you feel is relevant to the issue.