Your instance on the IAM Cloud platform is customised. To ensure we configure your instance to your specifications, please use the below check list as a guide to prepare for the Initial Call. 

The Initial Call is 45-60 minutes and will consist of an introduction to your Customer Success Manager and the on-boarding process. The main focus of the call will be a discussion around your needs and specifications. 


  • Access to IAM Cloud TeamViewer
    • Please make sure you are using version 10.
    • We will need TeamViewer access to your primary Active Directory in order to install our SPS software. This will not work on a read only machine
  • Allow outbound traffic through firewall ports 1268 & 1443
  • FQDN and NetBIOS
  • Preferred log in requirements (email or UPN)
  • An Office 365 global admin account
    • This needs to be 'in cloud' with an email address. This grants us permission to provision users into your Office 365 tenancy.
    • Many customers create a new one just for IAM Cloud.
  • Domains you would like to federate
  • Preferred classifications
    • Classifications are what defines an account to be synced to IAM Cloud. We assign permissions, restrictions, etc based on classifications. We can classify on any attribute the user have on your Active Direcetory, including which OU the user is in.
    • Common types of classifications are: Staff, Students, HR, Administration.
  • Preferred smart link configurations
    • If you do want any smart links, you will need to apply group policies to your network.
  • Preferred Cloud Drive Mapper (CDM) configurations
    • CDM allows you to map OneDrive and SharePoint drives to your local machine.
    • You will need to submit your requirements via the online form.
  • Preferred de-provisioning rules
    • This information regards how you want IAM Cloud to handle users that you delete from your Active Directory.
    • We can delete users from our systems, immediately freeing up the license and deleting all their Office 365 files and emails, OR we can leave the user on our system, but deactivate them (those users will not be able to log in). This will preserve their Office 365 files and emails until the object is deleted from our systems, but can also cause issues with new accounts that have the same unique information as the deactivated user (like an email address).
  • Licensing requirements
    • You can handle all licensing OR we can apply a default license for new users, allowing you to make any changes you wish OR we can apply a license and overwrite any changes made on your end.
  • Preference of syncing contacts, security groups, and distribution groups
    • If you would like to sync any of the above, we will need the OU location of each of these (or whichever you would like to sync). 
  • List of any SAML applications you would like to federate
    • IAM Cloud can also authenticate to most SAML applications. If you require one federating to our platform, please let us know and we can configure for you. 
  • Supply test account - username and password
  • List of users who you would like access to the IAM Cloud Portal (Admin Access)
    • All admins will only receive their logins after they attend the final call portal demo. 
  • List of users who will create support tickets

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team:


IAM Cloud's Technical Support Team. 


Support Portal:

Email us:

Phone (UK): +44 118 324 0000 

Phone (US): +1 914 495 1298