When the customer reports that there are sync issues with a group, and you find that there are multiple copies of the group in MetaDB, follow the steps below to resolve the issue.


  1. First you will need to identify which groups have been duplicated. You can do this easier if you export the groups list into Excel. It is suggested that you order by mail or samaccount name.
  2. Next compare those duplicated group(s) against their counterparts in CS to confirm the numbers.
  3. Update the groups in MetaDB with deleted = '1', and iaclastmod = getutcdate() so that FIM removes these.
  4. Once the groups are gone from FIM and 365, hard-delete the groups from MetaDB. (Be very very careful).
  5. Update the groups in CS to metadb-sv_id = NULL and iaclastmod = getutcdate().
  6. Run a Delta Sync using engine tool. The groups will now be re-provisioned into MetaDB, and the next sync will put them back into 365 with no duplicates.