Proxy addresses are not currently editable for the customer's Alumni. As such we need to do them should they need to. Below is a guide on how to do so.


First you need to connect to SQL9 for the customer's region in Royal TS. Once in there, connect to the <Region>-SVC-SQL9 database.

Under Databses, select FIMSynchronizationService and run a new query on it.

You need to copy the below SQL code into the window. Change the bold text to whatever is relevant for the user you are altering, then run the command. It will display all of the matching proxy addresses for the selected user, usually one row per proxy address.

After you have confirmed that it is showing the correct information, you need to highlight from the word delete (do not include the dashes before it) to the end of the query and execute that. The proxy addresses will then be removed. Then have nothing selected and run the query again (or highlight the whole query depending on your preference) and you should receive no results.

Now load FIM for the customer's region and find the user under Metaverse Search. Double-click the user, click on Connectors and double-click on the Alumni Connector. Click on Preview and Commit Preview. Once the preview has been completed, you can double-click on Connector Updates in the list on the left, then on the second option down (the name changes per user), and finally on Export Attribute Flow. Scroll the window on the right down until you find Proxy Addresses and there should be a box in the right-most column. Click it and you will see a list of all the user's proxy addresses. The address(es) that you deleted will be marked as delete.

All that you need to do now is wait for the next 365 sync to run for the customer, or you can start a delta sync manually if the customer says they are in a hurry.

SELECT [object_id]









FROM [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_metaverse_multivalue]

--Delete FROM [FIMSynchronizationService].[dbo].[mms_metaverse_multivalue]


object_id in (

  SELECT  [object_id]

  FROM [LocalUserLookup].[dbo].[AlumniV]

 where mail in ( 'Example@Domain') --Users email address

  ) and

string_value_not_indexable in ( --List the users proxies to delete




 AND attribute_name = 'proxyAddresses'