Customer has said they have deleted an account on premise that hasn't flowed through and deleted from Office 365.


To determine the cause we need to check if we're set to delete objects from Office 365 or not.

You can do this by checking the 365 MA on either FIM1

Choose the Office 365 connector for the customer, right click, choose properties and select 'Configure Deprovisioning'


It will either say 'Make them disconnectors' or 'Stage a delete on the object for the next export run'.

Simply put - Make them disconnectors = we don't delete from O365 / Stage a delete on the object for the next export run = we do delete from O365

If a customer has said he's deleted an object and we're set to NOT delete from 365 then let them know this and ask them if they want to change it. If we are set to delete then follow the troubleshooting steps below.


First check the CS, see if it says deleted = 1

This command can be used with what ever parameter you require:

select mail,deleted, * from [dbo].[insert tenancy guid_Objects] where mail = 'insert email address'

If it says deleted = 1 and it hasn't synced through our system by updating last mod and waiting for a sync to run. You can use this command:

update [dbo].[insert tenancy guidd86c78a4-e99f-46ad-b3f3-10d7d6393438_Objects] set iaclastmod = getutcdate() where mail = 'insert email address'

This should flow through our system.


If it is set to deleted = 0 then confirm with the customer if has been deleted on premise.

Once you have done the above it should say deleted = 1 in MetaDB. If not run another engine sync.


After you have done this it should be removed from FIM after the next meta DB run cycle has occurred.

If the user is still in FIM


Then try updating last mod in Meta DD, do a single user or delta sync on the customers AD and then check FIM after the next sync cycle has gone through.

To update last mod in Meta DB use -


update [MetaDB-SV] set iaclastmod=getutcdate() where 'insert parameter' = 'insert value'

Note some examples for the parameter could be mail, samaccountname, metaDBGuid etc etc