What is the IAM Cloud Migration Service?

 A migration is a data transfer from one place to another. For example, an organisation migrating mailboxes from Exchange on-premise to an O365 tenancy.

Useful information:

  • Accounts don't migrate sequentially (one after another), they all run in parallel. This means migrating 10 accounts will take the same amount of time as 100 accounts.
  • The only limiting factor for how long it takes an account to migrate is its size. A mailbox that is 30gb is going to take MUCH longer to migrate than a mailbox that is 30mb. 
  • In order for the IAM Cloud migration team to calculate an estimation for how long the migration will take, you will need to provide the total size of accounts to be migrated. 

For full details on this service you may find the following links and videos useful:

Email Migration


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