You will need to provide the following ahead of the start of the migration

1. Total size of accounts being migrated

  1. This will allow the IAM Cloud migration team to estimate how long the migration will take. 

2. Desired end/cutover date

  1. IAM Cloud will do their best to accommodate any desired end dates, however this is subject to resources and approval. On average, IAM Cloud will need approximately 4-6 weeks notice, sometimes more. 
  2. The estimated start date will be calculated by counting back from the desired end date the number of days it will take the migration to complete. 

3. You will need to provide the following at least 5 working days before the estimated start date:
  1.  Global Admin Credentials (username and password) for Source and Destination tenancies
    1. You will need to turn off any MFA associated with the global admin accounts for the duration of the migration process.
  2. Excel spreadsheet containing:
    1. Destination users' UPNs and email addresses
    2. Source users' UPNs and email addresses