This has come about due to Bromley run books not automatically triggering syncs. 

Firstly you'll need to either install the engine sync tool on your machine or access it from the MIM / FIM servers. It can be found in C:\IAM Cloud\EngineTools\SyncTool\v5.4.0.6, however there should be a shortcut to it on the toolbar

This is what it looks like:

You'll notice at first most of the options are greyed out, to be able to select these choose the required region from the drop down menu at the top:

Before beginning check the state of the queue, do this by selecting 'Get Queue Items', this is how many sync tasks are currently queued up waiting to be run, normal numbers are around 50 - 100, if there's more than 200 queued up speak to Infra who may need to reboot the engine. Note your syncs go into this queue first and will not start to run until they have been picked up by the engine:

1. Active directory delta sync -  this the first sync that needs to run which takes data from AD CS and places it in meta db, select the customer that you want to run from the Tenancy GUID drop down list, then the application (in this case Active Directory), then RunProfile (in this case sync), then JobType (in this case delta).

Activate the sync by pressing send to queue, this will place the sync job into the queue and then from there it will be picked up by the engine:

To check the status of the sync select 'Instance Checker':

This will bring up the checker tool, select the 'All' radio button and enter 3000 into 'Top rows' and then press 'Get':

Now to check the status of your sync go back to the sync tool and copy the connector GUID:

Paste that into ConnectorGuid in the instance checker and it will return all rows for that GUID in the last 3000 syncs, you can see here the delta AD sync for Bromley is running, you can tell this as there is no finish value:

To check if its finished you can refresh the view by pressing 'Get', then re paste in the connector GUID and it will bring back the latest results, keep checking until it displays endstatus = Success:

Once it has complete you can move onto the next sync

2. Cloud identities delta re sync - this takes data from meta db and writes back to cloud identity CS, check as per above for when its finished:

3: Office 365 delta re sync -  this takes data from meta db and writes back to 365 CS, check as per above for when its finished:

Once this has complete you need to go onto MIM.

4. Delta import delta sync on connectorspace MA - this brings in data to MIM from the CS, right click the CS MA (this is usually the top row for the customer) and choose delta import delta sync:

It will display an error but ignore this and choose 'yes':

You will know its done when it says Status: completed-sync-errors (ignore the errors):

5. Export on Office 365 MA - this syncs data to 365, check its completed as per above, this will be the bottom row for the custom in the list of MA's:

6. Export to CS on CS MA - this syncs the immutable ID back to 365 CS, check its completed as per above:

After this its back to the engine tool.

7. Office 365 delta sync - this syncs the immutable ID to meta db:

8. IAM Cloud directory delta re sync - this places the data into CDC CS:

9. IAM Cloud directory delta export - this places data into the regional CDC:

Then you are done!!!!

To recap its:

1. AD delta engine sync
2. Cloud identities engine delta re sync
3. Office 365 engine delta re sync
4. Delta import delta sync on MIM CS MA
5. Export 365 MIM MA
6. Export CS MIM MA
7. Office 365 engine delta sync
8. IAM Cloud directory engine delta re sync
9. IAM Cloud directory engine delta export