When a user tries to open a PDF document they are asked to input in their credentials again even though they have already logged into Cloud Drive Mapper

It has been identified that this is likely due to "check in / check out" being turned on within sharepoint.  This can also cause drives not to correctly map. 


 https://* is in the Trusted Internet Zones (not Local Intranet)


 Adobe Reader prompts for Open / Check Out when first opening a PDF document


This is a problem with how Adobe interacts with Sharepoint and not Cloud Drive Mapper when this feature is enabled. 

It can be resolved by disabling Adobe Checking/Check out feature.

To do this go to Regedit and input: 

Regedit :-     HKLM\SOFTWARE\Policies\Adobe\(productname)\(version)\FeatureLockDown

New Key :-                     cSharePoint

New DWORD Value :-    bDisableSharePointFeatures

Set Value :-                    1

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