Within the IAM Cloud Portal an administrator can assign different roles to their users depending on what tasks or access they want them to have. 

There are 4 IAM Cloud portal user roles:

  • Tenancy Administrator
  • Tenancy Editor
  • Tenancy Viewer
  • Help Desk Account

This is partcularily useful if you have a large helpdesk and you would like some of the heldpesk to be able to reset passwords for their users but not alter any other configuration setting.

Here is a break down of what access or security rights each role has access to.


How to assign these roles to a user

Log onto the IAM Cloud Portal as an administrator.

Navigate to the top right side and select your login name and you will see a drop down with Tenancy Configuration listed.

Within the Tenancy Configuration page scroll down to user privileges settings. Search for the user you would like to edit the privileges for and add to the appropriate group.


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