It is possible to create users direct in our portal for use with federated authentication to Office 365 and other applications (if configured). This is useful for our customers who do not have an active directory to sync from. Currently the portal only supports the addition of one user at a time, but we have plans to support the addition of multiple users in the future. 


From the dashboard select 'Add New User'.

Populate the details of the user as required. Please note the 'Department' field is not required. After selecting continue you'll be able to add the user to our DB on the next screen.

The user will be synced to 365 and the rest of our DB's in 2 hours time. This is when it will be available for use. 

*** Important - the initial password that is set will not work to login to 365 with. A further reset will need to be done on the account from the Cloud vault 2 hours AFTER account creation ***

A reset can be performed by a portal admin. Simply find the user in the cloud vault and select the 'Reset Password' option at the bottom of the users properties screen:

This will generate a random password:

This will then be supplied to the user, who can then use the known password reset feature from the 365 login page to reset it. 

If you need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team:


IAM Cloud's Technical SupportTeam. 


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Phone (UK): +44 118 324 0000 

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