A number of accounts were created in Active Directory but after waiting for the sync to occur they've still not appeared in Office 365.

Causes / Solutions

There are a number of reasons for this.

  • The attribute IAM Cloud are using for the email address is not populated (this is usually UserPrincipalName or mail).
    • Check the user details are populated correctly.
  • The user does not meet the defined Classification rules.
    • Check the users attributes and correct / change them to fit the existing clasification rules, or create a new classification.
  • There are not enough IAM Cloud licences available to Classify the user.
    • Check how many licences are in use and free some if you can, or buy extra licences.
  • The email address in Office 365 is already in use in Office 365 as either another user or a Proxy Address. 
    • Check the Office 365 email notifications for details.