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IAM Cloud Security and OneDrive

I am a teacher at a small Further Education centre. We have 23 students. However, we are are also part of a much larger organization with over two dozen schools and centres of education. Anyways, our centre finally transitioned from using a shared drive to OneDrive. Unfortunately, we have run into a few issues. The means by which students access their OneDrive is very cumbersome and time consuming. They have to login to their Office 365 accounts through the browser, open OneDrive and then select their file. They also have to select the "Edit in Word" function because the online version of Word does not support a lot of the developer tools we use for the students' files. The IT department is also very worried about the vulnerability of the OneDrive Sync to ransomware. 

I suppose the question I have for you is does IAM Cloud Drive Mapper protect against ransomware spreading from the local machine to the OneDrive?  

Hi Paddy,

Thanks for your enquiry, the answer to your question can be found in this KB -

I hope this helps.

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Thanks for reply. But, from reading the article I have some more questions. In the event of a ransomware infection, the virus will be able to access the OneDrive because it is a mapped drive? I understand that OneDrive has its own built in virus protection, but if that fails, the individual OneDrive account will be exposed just like any other mapped drive, correct? Is it possible to place a credential sign in every time the drive is accessed to stop a virus from automatically accessing the drive? I also understand that OneDrive files can be restored through version history, but those files have to be done individually which could be a very tedious task if you have thousands of files. Do you guys offer any type file recovery Outside of the Office 365 process?
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