Classifications are what defines a synced IAM Cloud user. Once setup these are visible from our user portal. If a user in Active Directory meets a classification requirement then it will be picked up by our system and synced to Office 365 or another end application. If de-provisioning has been configured, then removing a user from the classification in Active Directory would trigger that same user to be deleted in Office 365.

Classifications also define drive mappings for Cloud Drive Mapper and what licenses get assigned.  

We classify users in the following ways:


The most common used classification are OU's. An example would be all users in 'OU=Staff,OU=IAM Cloud,DC=co,DC=uk' are defined as a synced user. We can add in an unlimited number OU's.

Member of group:

We can sync from Active Directory security groups. For example 'staff' and 'students'


We can sync from certain attributes. For example if extension attribute 1 = 'IAM Cloud'. A full list of current available attributes is below:


ExtensionAttribute 1 - 15






Email address/UPN:

If email address/UPN is present or contains a domain name. For example

Please note a user can only exist in one classification.