Cloud Drive Mapper is built on top of the WebDAV protocol (with some enhancements).

Although Microsoft Windows, for all intense and purposes, sees a WebDAV drive like a local drive the reality is very different. The WebDAV protocol itself is somewhat protected against some know viruses but that is only where the protection starts.

The real protection comes from the service we are mapping the drive to. When using Cloud Drive Mapper with SharePoint Online and OneDrive for example, this is protected against both virus and Cryptolockers. Whenever a file is modified (for any reason) and saved or transferred to SharePoint Online it will always create a new copy of the file. The Microsoft Antivirus protection stops many viruses from spreading or causing harm to other files.  Regardless of whether it is within the MS datacentres or not whenever a file is modified it creates a copy.

Because of this your data is far safer than on traditional fileshares, because Sharepoint Online and Onedrive have version control. The encryption with Cryptolocker or a virus will trigger a new file version, meaning your RPO is 0, no data is lost!

Most cloud services use a similar design concept and in the case of Microsoft Online Services the shadow copy is enabled by default and provides a very quick and DIY restore method.

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