Summary of Offering

IAM Cloud have created a unique solution that ensures your users get a consistent brand experience every time they log in or out, or when they receive email notifications through the IAM Cloud platform.

Our branded identity management service allows you to embed your brand within all you identity and access management portals and communications. You can customise almost anything to ensure your users get a consistent and seamless experience.

Everything can be customised with your brand and your message. You bring your brand to life with fonts, colours, images, layouts, graphics, icons and content.It’s really easy to do as well. We can take your templates, configuration settings, logo, CSS – and add it to our system, or you can get some help and support from one of our web designers who can create the whole thing for you based on a simple brief.

PLEASE NOTE – The design service is a one off cost on top of the per user / per month cost. For further details please visit or

Fully branded login and logout GUI & branded login URL

The branded login GUI keeps the user experience consistent with your other portals and platforms and allows you to provide additional information regarding access management. The branded login URL ensures the login flow is trusted by the end user for example The branded logout GUI keeps the user experience consistent and allows you to offer alternative redirects and additional communication messages.


Fully branded email domain, sender name and HTML template

The branded email domain and sender name provides added trust for end users that the message they’ve received is from your organisation and ensures messages don’t end up in the junk or spam folder. The branded HTML template allows you to customise your message and look and feel for a better brand experience.

What we need from you:

  • The HTML for the custom page or if you would like one of our web designers to design for you for an additional £500 charge please just send us a mock up of the design.


For further information please do not hesitate to contact