How to troublshoot SSO issues with new world customers.

1. Check the obvious first: is SSO enabled in the portal. If its set to internal, are they coming from the IP range listed in the portal?

2. If it redirects to the GUI instead of just saying about authentication failed:

    3. Check authcode= in the URL. If this is TIVG check the source Active Directory additional Params, this may have the NetBIOS name missing.

    4. Try a password reset for a user. If the SuppliedPWD hasn’t been set or is incorrect, NTLMRW won’t work. This will cause an authcode VU5IQU5ETEVE.

    5. If you do not get an authcode and it just fails, check the AS_netBIOS field in MEtaDB and also check the as_samaccountname in Metadb.