Unfortunately at the moment, we are struggling to detect which customer is authenticating to us when the Office App is initiating its login. We are working with MS to resolve this issue but below is a workaround.


Instead of customers going to the end application first we create a special smart link which does the following:

1. Create a new page in Office 365 SharePoint Online with the Redirection, and making sure the permission is set to inherit from the root.

2. Add the code as needed.

3. Add the smart link and redirect it to the sharepoint page.

4. This will then redirect to the application which will invoke the oAuth flow and will NOT then come back to use because it is already complete.

SharePoint Page Creation

1. Log in a Global Administrator for Office 365.

2. From the Left hand menu > Admin > SharePoint.

3. Load the default URL on the screen (You will see this as

4. On the popup click the link inside there under Website Address.

5. Click the cog at the top menu and click Add Page and call the page IACRedirection.

6.If you can't see the cog then select the default URL by ticking the box, select owners on the top bar and add in the IAM Cloud global admin account under site collection administrators

7. On the page that loads, click the insert tab and click Embeded Code icon.

8. In the popup enter the following (This is for Myday can be any application):


<script type="text/javascript">
// Redirect to the page


9. Click Insert which should then redirect to the end application

10. You must make sure you check in this file or it will not be available for everyone if the root folder in sharepoint has that on it. This can be found from the cog on the default URL page / site contents / pages. Check in as you would any SharePoint object. 

11. Make sure you publish it if publishing is enabled.

Smart Link Creation

1. These are created in the smart link portal.

2. Realm should be 'Office 365', post - redirection 'Share Point', Root Name 'customers share point root name', relative path '/IACRedirection.aspx

3. A good one to compare it to is Thom Roth