NB There are several pre-requisite steps that need to happen as part of the on-boarding process before you should run this script. Please only follow the below instructions if you have been directed to this article by an on-boarding engineer.


Before you start

  1. Make sure you have Azure AD and Office 365 PowerShell installed: https://technet.microsoft.com/en-gb/library/dn975125.aspx
  2. Download the IAM Cloud’s Self-Federate Script here
  3. Log into the IAM Cloud portaland go the Applications > Office 365 and make a note of the “Application Short Name” and the "Authentication Domain".
    1. Please note if you cannot see the Authentication Domain, then make sure you have the Federated Access toggle turned to true.

Running The script

  1. Run the PowerShell script and it will guide you through the setup.
  2. Enter the Application Short name
  3. Enter the Authentication Domain
  4. You will be prompted to enter your Office 365 global admin account details.
  5. This will return a list of verified domains from Office 365 that you are allowed to federate.
  6. Select the appropriate Office 365 domain (please note if you want to federate more than one domain, the script will allow you to repeat these steps).

You should then get a success notification back and within 15 minutes your new federated domain will be up and running!


Not happy doing it yourself? We're here to help

If you do not feel comfortable running this by yourself please do not hesitate to contact our team at support@iamcloud.com and we'll take care of the process with you.