Unlike the other Self Service Password Reset options which are activated via the IAM Cloud Portal, the SMS SSPR service needs to be enabled via our Technical Support team as there is an additional charge included for the price of the SMS messages.


The Self Service Password feature is included in the IAM Cloud Base Plan service.  To activate the SMS option you are required to purchase a bulk of SMS messages in advance at the rate of 5p per message. So for example for £500 you would get 10,000 messages. 


On activating this service users will be able to receive a recovery code to their mobile number to reset their password. 

They can set up and change their mobile phone number in the password recovery management screen. 

On choosing the option to reset their password via SMS  users will be presented with the below screen:

If you would like to activate this service or know more please do not hesitate to contact our technical support teams:


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