This article relates to our products Simple Sign-On and Surp4ss!

Administrators are able to reset the SSPR Security questions for a user via the IAM Cloud Admin portal. In a future release you will also be able to reset the SMS and email options. If you need to clear the SMS or email SSPR option for a user please contact support with the details of the user and we can do this for you.

The security questions per user can be cleared, forcing them to re- answer them on next login, via the Admin Portal

1. From the Dashboard screen select Identities> Cloud Vault

2. Search for the user who's security questions you would like to reset. You can either search for the user or select them from the list view, click details or their display name to view the user information. 

3. Select User Identification

4. Select Reset Security Questions and Answers 

This will clear current Security questions and answers. If this option is set to mandatory they will be forced to reset them on next login. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact