Cloud Drive Mapper creates cache files, these files are stored in the following locations.

Local on the machine

%localappdata%\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper\CDMSettings    ( Advanced Mode >  location for the MyMSTeams, MySPGroups and MySPSites config files )

%localappdata%\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper\Converged\TeamSites\<username>  ( Advanced Mode > Location for the TeamSite folder shortcuts as used by the Teams mapped drive )

%localappdata%\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper\Icons    ( Advanced Mode > Location where the icons are stored for TeamSites and SharepointConverged )

%localappdata%\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper     ( Any Mode > Location where the users .dat secure files are stored, Cloud Drive Mapper uses these during the authentication process )

In the user OneDrive

Where the advanced features are configured and the user has a personal OneDrive ( regardless of whether is it mapped as a chosen drive ) Cloud Drive Mapper stores config

files in the following location :-

OneDrive\Documents\CDMSettings  ( Here are the config files created when using advanced mode and Teams / Sharepoint Converged / Managed Custom Drives )

Where a user does not have a OneDrive then Cloud Drive Mapper uses the files stored in the CDMSettings folder within %localappdata% as described above.

Rebuild the cache for the sites/teams and groups the user is a member of

In some circumstances it may be desirable to force a rebuild of the cache that provides Cloud Drive Mapper with the sites, teams and groups the user is a part of. Deleting the files MyMSTeams, MySPGroups and MySPSites within the OneDrive CDMSettings and local machine location will allow CDM to perform the rebuild.

Cloud Cache - ( Locate within the users OneDrive root )

Local Cache ( %localappdata% )

Remove users custom drives

If you want to remove and clear the config entries for the users customer drives, delete the MyCustomDrives.config file from within CDMSettings folder in both OneDrive and the local machine location as described above.

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