This article relates to our product Cloud Drive Mapper

Basic mode (formerly 'standard mode')

Some of Cloud Drive Mapper's core functionality, such as mapping drives to OneDrive for Business, static-URL SharePoint drives, and handling Folder Redirection into OneDrive, is supported in standard-mode. Our customers have the choice whether to enable the permissions for all users via the Global Admin (to avoid user interruption) or allow their users to provide their own permissions (if the GA is not an option). For further information on Cloud Drive Mapper and how it uses AAD permission, please see this article. 

To grant admin permissions for standard mode:

  1. Click this link and follow the steps until you see the success screen
  2. Navigate to Azure Active Directory Admin Center > Dashboard > Enterprise Applications
  3. You should see Cloud Drive Mapper Basic listed in the applications. Click into our application in the list, and then navigate to the Permissions tab via the left-hand menu.
  4. You should see a button that says [Grant admin consent for IAM Cloud]. Click the button, and that's it. 
  5. To enable Basic Mode on CDM clients you'll need to include '1' in the calculated value for the registry setting MasterSettings - please see this article for more information.

Standard App Install Flow