This article relates to our product Cloud Drive Mapper.

Cloud Drive Mapper is quite simple on the surface. But beneath it's basic utilitarian shell is quite a lot of added custom capabilities that you can only enable via registry keys. 

Registry keys can be used to enable and optimise compatibility of Cloud Drive Mapper within an IT environment (see separate article for these) or activate useful features and customisations (see below). 

All keys are Reg_SZ and should be place in one of the following locations dependent on the key

  • HKCU\Software\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper
  • HKLM\Software\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper

  • MasterSettings

MasterSettings is a bitmask. The value of master settings can be computed by adding together the values from all the settings you want to be enabled. So for example, if you wanted to remove modern sites (unified groups) from SharePoint Converged drive and remove the custom SP icons (in favour of folder icons) then you would use 1+16. E.g. MasterSettings = 17

1SPConverge-> OnlyShowSitesWithMembershipWill remove modern sites (unified group) where you are not a member (such as public)
2FullConverge -> ShowOnlyTeamsThis allows Teams to work in the traditional SP doc-lib model rather than using Teams channels. Use in conjunction with 4 (i.e. 2+4=6) to use the Teams icons within the drive to recreate the previous ‘TeamstoDocLib’ registry setting.
4FullConverge -> ShowServiceIconsUses SharePoint icons for SharePoint site and Teams icon for Teams. Cannot be used with 8
8FullConverge -> NoIconsUses normal Windows folder icons for Teams and SharePoint sites. Cannot be used with 4
16SPConverge-> NoIconsUses folder icons within a SP converged drive.
32TeamsConverge -> NoIconsUses folder icons within a Teams converged drive.
64FullConverge -> OnlyShowSitesWithMembershipWill remove modern sites (unified group) where you are not a member (such as public)
128FullConverge -> OnlyShowSiteWithGroupsWill only show spsites that have groups (modern sites)
256SPConverge-> OnlyShowSiteWithGroupsWill only show spsites that have groups (modern sites)
512OneDrive -> NoIconsUses folder icon instead of the IAM Cloud icon within the CreateToFolder setting

  • CustomDriveSettings

CustomDriveSettings enables users to be able to map and manage their own drives. We call this feature 'Manage My Drives', which when enabled appears as a menu option when right-clicking the Cloud Drive Mapper icon in the system tray.

CustomDriveSettings is a regular bitmask which can modify multiple settings at the same time, to calculate the precise settings you want, add the numbers of the feature below together. If you want to enable all the functionality of Manage My Drives use the value 31   

  • 0 or does not exist in registry means it is off     
  • 1 = AllowConverged     
  • 2 = AllowManual     
  • 4 = AllowSelections     
  • 8 = AllowOneDrive    
  • 16 = AllowManualWithoutDocLib

REG ADD "HKCU\Software\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper" /v "CustomDriveSettings" /t "REG_SZ" /d "31" /f

This enables the Manage My Drive feature of Cloud Drive Mapper, which allows users to choose and manage their own drive mappings. Further information on this feature can be found here.

For registry settings relating to Folder Redirection, please see this article.