This article relates to our product Cloud Drive Mapper.

Within SharePoint Online Document Libraries, it is possible for end-users to select an option called 'Add shortcut to OneDrive'. 

When the user has done this, the document library then appears as a folder with a small link icon on it within the OneDrive web-view.

This shortcut is not actually physically present in the user's OneDrive - it is just a symbolic link superimposed in the OneDrive web UI. So when mapping a drive to OneDrive, the shortcut will not be present. 

However, with our new OneDrive Shortcut drives (added in version 2.9), you can now create a new type of converged drive that maps all the user's shortcuts into a single drive. This is available as a new type of drive in our admin portal and also within the Manage My Drives feature.

This has the effect of allowing you to create a converged drive that has its content directly curated by the end users themselves. 

And so, if the user wants to add a new SharePoint document library to their OneDrive, then shortly after they do it will appear in the OneDrive Shortcut drive via CDM. And likewise if they want to remove the shortcut link, the drive will be removed from their CDM OneDrive Shortcut drive a little while later. 

If you enable this feature and a given user doesn't have any SharePoint Document Libraries added as shortcuts then the drive simply won't be mapped for them.

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