This article relates to Cloud Drive Mapper. This feature requires CDM version 2.9.4 or above.

Cloud Drive Mapper has long been able to do Folder Redirection into OneDrive for Business, but the number of registry settings required to redirect folders is quite significant, which can be especially cumbersome and inhibitive in MS Intune environments.

Consequently we created a new simpler Folder Redirection feature that is a lot more deployment friendly.

This feature uses a bitmask style MSI parameter and/or registry setting called FolderRedirectionSettings. The correct value can be acquired by adding up all the values for the features you want to be enabled. So if you wanted to redirect Documents (2) and Desktop (4) but have no other elements enabled then you should use the value '6'. 

Bitmask value
1FolderRedirectionDocumentstoRootWhen set the Windows Documents folder will be redirected to the OneDrive root, e.g. OneDrive:\

If false or not set, all redirected folders will be created under a folder called 'MyProfile' in each user's OneDrive, i.e. OneDrive:\MyProfile\Documents

except when 65536 is enabled (see below).

This setting must be used with setting '2'.
2FolderRedirectionDocumentsRedirects the Documents folder
4FolderRedirectionDesktopRedirects the Desktop
Redirects the Pictures folder
Redirects the Videos folder
Redirects the Music folder
Redirects the Favorites folder
Redirects the Downloads folder. Be aware that this means that any file downloads will actually be uploaded at the same time, which may have a performance impact on the download. Consideration required.

When enabling folder redirection for the first time, Cloud Drive Mapper will create new folders in each user's OneDrive if they don't already exist, with the relevant names (e.g. Documents). This will use English names by default, but if you'd like the folders to use foreign language names instead you can include the relevant language setting below in the FolderRedirectionSettings value based on the values below.

Bitmask value (cont.)FeatureDescription
Will change the default English folder names to the Spanish equivalent
Will change the default English folder names to the Portuguese equivalent
1024UseArabicWill change the default English folder names to the Arabic equivalent
2048UseFrenchWill change the default English folder names to the French equivalent
4096UseDutchWill change the default English folder names to the Dutch equivalent
8192UseRussianWill change the default English folder names to the Russian equivalent
16384UseItalianWill change the default English folder names to the Italian equivalent
32768UseGermanWill change the default English folder names to the German equivalent
131072UseChineseWill change the default English folder names to the Chinese equivalent
Will change the default English folder names to the Chinese equivalent

Please note: For obvious reasons, you can only select one of the language options above - and if you don't use any of them and it will default to English. 

Bitmask value (cont.)FeatureDescription
By default Cloud Drive Mapper creates and redirects any redirected folders you have enabled in CDM into a sub-folder called MyProfile, e.g. OneDrive:\MyProfile\Documents

If you would like to change this behaviour so that instead of going into into MyProfile, CDM creates and redirects the redirected folders into the root of the OneDrive, use the UseRoot setting (65536). e.g.

If setting 1 plus setting 65536 plus setting 2 are used together then the redirection pattern will look like this:

Documents will redirect to:

All other enabled redirected folders will redirect to, e.g:

The FolderRedirectionSettings registry string can be deployed to either:


Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\IAM Cloud\CloudDriveMapper

HKEY_CURRENT_USER takes priority. 

Or it can be deployed as an MSI parameter. 

If you have any questions or need any guidance, please feel free to contact