What can you expect during your IAM Cloud on-boarding?


Welcome to IAM Cloud!

What: Your instance on the IAM Cloud platform is completely customised and we've devised a 3 step process to ensure all aspects are configured to your specifications. 

When: We begin the on-boarding process as soon as the the signed contract has been returned back to us. 

Duration: The process can take as little as 7 working days. Factors such as your availability, numbers of Active Directories, number of objects and users, and unforeseen issues can impact the on-boarding duration.  


1. Initial Call - Introduction and installation of our Agent. (15 Mins)

2. Off line Configuration to onboard you onto the IAM Cloud platform done by the IAM Cloud Technical team.

3. Federation and introduction to the IAM Cloud platform. The federation can be done by yourself at your convenience or can be done via remote session by a member of the Onboarding team. This process takes approx 30 mins. 

Who: Most steps are completed offline by your on-boarding engineer. Steps 1 and 3  a member of your technical team is needed. These 2 steps encompass crucial actions that require your participation and coordination.