This article relates to our Simple Sign-On (SSO), Surp4ss! and IDx (The Identity Exchange) products. 

There are two different synchronization flows within the IAM Cloud platform. 

  • Real-time flows. Flows that are instant (or close to instant) for critical functions
  • Bulk flows. Flows that work periodically on schedules, e.g. every 30-120 minutes. 

Real-time flows: 

Password updates and account disablements use our real-time flow system for instant updates. This means that if an account is blocked or disabled or a user resets their password, it will be instantly synchonized by IAM Cloud. 

Bulk flows: 

Bulk flows are used for common lesser priority actions that normally don't require such a rapid response. These include: 

  • New user creations 
  • New group creations
  • Attribute changes 
  • Group membership changes

These changes are typically processed every 1-2 hours. 

If you have any questions or think there may be an issue with synchronization in your environment, please contact