This article relates to Simple Sign-On and Surp4ss!

Known Password Reset (KPR) and Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) are enable your users to reset their passwords without having to contact your IT Helpdesk. 

These services also flow the password to your Active Directory (AD) to keep the password in sync across your systems. 

Known Password Reset

KPR enables a user to reset their password providing they know their current one. Go to the login GUI and click Change Password. Choosing I Know My Password will allow them to reset their password.

Self-Service Password Reset

SSPR enables a user to reset their password even if they don't know their current one. After logging in the user is presented with a series of questions that they have to answer before they can proceed. If they answer successfully then they can enter a new password. Alternatively users can set a recovery email address or mobile number to receive a code to that can be used to then reset the password. 


The GUI is the main visual contact Simple Sign-On and Surp4ss! have with your users. It can be customized with your own branding, colours, logo and text. The GUI is the interface where users can update their passwords and manage their personal details, like security questions or SMS numbers for password retrieval. 

Please note that when accessing federated applications like Microsoft 365 within a single sign-on environment, your users will bypass the GUI and jump straight into their applications. You may therefore want to set-up a separate direct link to it, so allow your users to manage their passwords. 

Password Policies

Our Password Policies feature allows you to set up rules for when the users reset their passwords using the above methods. By selecting 'Custom' you can specify length, character requirements, and other requirements. You can also make the default lock-out policy to be stricter - this temporarily disables the user's account if too many incorrect passwords are entered.


For practical guidance on setting up our password reset features, check out: How to activate the IAM Cloud Password Reset Services

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