This article relates primarily to Simple Sign-On but may also be relevant to IDx

Alumni are students who have graduated from an academic institution like a school, college or university. Some institutions keep their students on the systems for a number of years after providing them with access to Microsoft 365 and other services. 

It's a similar story for retirees in industrial and vocational positions. 

The challenge from an IT perspective is that alumni and retirees can quickly add-up over the years, and you can end up with more alumni and retirees than active users. In fact in our experience of academia, alumni can end up dwarfing active users by 5, 10 or even 20:1. 

Do you really want up to 20x more alumni users in your core systems like Active Directory than your actual users? Most organizations don't. There's a major overhead, security risk and potential impact and complication when it comes to licensing certain software products. 

At the same time, deleting the users completely may also not be desirable. There is a lot of potential value schools and universities can receive in maintaining close relationships with their alumni. And there may be logistical reasons why companies may want to provide retirees access to certain systems, such as pensions systems. 

So what is the answer? 

Simple Sign-On provides one possibility. Simple Sign-On can provide access, identity and password features to users synced from Active Directory (your normal active users) and cloud-only users at the same time. You can create users in Simple Sign-On either through an initial sync via AD before they're cut off, or via a CSV upload. Once the alumni or retiree user is in IAM Cloud you can apply pretty much the exact same features and functionality to them as any other user. 

You can grant them access to certain applications, allow them to manage and reset their own passwords, and enhance the security by enabling MFA (Simple Sign-On). You could also sync them into other user repositories like a custom Alumni database or CRM. 

Simple Sign-On can significantly decrease the burden of supporting alumni users while giving your organization an opportunity keep engaged with them. 

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