We continuously innovate our software products, and we welcome input and collaboration with our customers and partners. 

A feature request is either a desired change to existing functionality, or a request for new functionality that is not currently available. 

Many different aspects influence the viability of the feature being built including: the number of customers that request the same or similar feature, the business impact of the specified feature request, and the feasibility of the requested feature. 

To submit a feature request, a customer can submit a support ticket to the IAM Cloud Technical Support team. Please include as much detail as possible surrounding the feature request, including the desired user experience or workflow, the business impact, and any other relevant information. 

The IAM Cloud feature request review process is as follows:

1. Customer submits feature request to IAM Cloud Technical Support.

2. IAM Cloud Development Support does initial review of a feature to assess basic feasibility. 

a. If requested feature is deemed feasible, request moves to step 3.

b. If requested feature is deemed unfeasible, the request is declined.

3. Development Support submits a feature request to the internal product backlog. 

4. IAM Cloud Business Analysts and at least one member of the IAM Cloud Senior Management Team, review the raised feature requests at least every 4 weeks. They analyse the feature requests based on multiple criteria, including, but not limited to:

a. How many customers have requested the same or similar feature?

b. How much effort is required to develop the requested feature?

c. How will this feature increase the usability of our platform and service?

d. What is the effect on the overall user experience? 

f. What core components need to be changed/updated as a result and what major changes will be required if any?

5. Based on the information gathered in step 4, the feature request will either be accepted for the product road map or declined. For accepted feature requests a timeline for release will be built.

6. An accepted feature request will be added to one of the releases of the IAM Cloud platform. During development, IAM Cloud business analysts will perform in-depth analysis and ensure the build functionality fulfils customer business requirements.

Please note: Not all feature requests can be accepted, but all will be considered.