This article relates to our Simple Sign-On, Surp4ss! and IDx products. 

We have some high-level SLAs as a guarantee for our products and services. 

But we also try to maintain some more specific minimum mini-SLAs for various functions of our technology. These unofficial SLAs serve to act as benchmarks for our team and to help customers with planning. They also identify if something has gone wrong. For example, if a user hasn't been provisioned within 3 hours, there is likely to be an issue and you should raise a ticket with us to investigate. 

IAM Cloud ComponentPerformance Expectations
Password Reset15 minutes
New User Provisioning 2 Hours
New Group Creation
2 Hours
Service Up Time 99.9%

These are all minimum performance expectations. In most cases we expect the actual experience to be better. For example, one-off password resets are normally near-instant. We only tend to find password resets take several minutes if a bulk password reset command has been applied to many users at the same time, and the users at the back of the queue may take a few minutes. 

If you find that your service does not meet these mini-SLAs or have any issues with the IAM Cloud platform please contact