This article relates to Simple Sign-On and Surp4ss!

Admins have the ability to make certain Self-Service Password Reset options mandatory.

To configure this, login to the IAM Cloud Portal >  Features > Self-Service Password Reset 

There are 3 Self-Service Password Reset options:

  1. Email SSPR
  2. Challenge Response SSPR
  3. SMS SSPR 

You can also manage how many of the 3 options should be completed by users. 

If it has been specified that 2 out of 3 of the SSPR options should be set and the email SSPR option is set to mandatory then Email MUST be one of the SSPR options.

If this option is not set then the user can chose any 2 of the 3 options to set as an SSPR option. 

If a user has not set-up their alternative email address, or it is not being synced with an AD attribute, when this option is selected in the portal, the user(s) will be forced to do so on next login. 

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