To use Cloud Drive Mapper for the first time you must first run the Cloud Drive Mapper wizard located in the IAM Cloud Portal


Log on to the IAM Cloud Portal with the log on details provided to you when you submitted the request to sign up to Cloud Drive Mapper!

Once you are successfully signed into the IAM Cloud Portal  Select  > Features and Cloud Drive Mapper.

There is a video on the first screen that gives you an overview of Cloud Drive Mapper. Underneath this press the 'start the wizard' button to go through the setup. 

What are Classifications?

Classifications are what drive mappings are assigned to and what we use to group a sub set of users together. Once a classification is created drive mappings can be assigned to it. Multiple drive mappings can be assigned to the same classification. When a user from that classification uses Cloud Drive Mapper they'll have the relevant drive mappings mapped to them.

You need to name each classification. We recommend associating these with your users. An example configuration of what an education establishment may have is:

Classification name = Students / Drive mapping = OneDrive

Classification name = Staff / Drive mapping = OneDrive and Teaching reports

In this example OneDrive would map the users personal OneDrive and teaching reports would map the SharePoint site for teaching reports.

A common scenario is for an establishment to have a OneDrive mapping for all their users, and then group different departments into classifications and have their relevant drive mappings alongside OneDrive. For example:

Classification name = Accounts / Drive mapping = OneDrive and accounts SharePoint site

Classification name = Human resources / Drive mapping = OneDrive and human resources SharePoint site

Classification name = Marketing / Drive mapping = OneDrive and marketing SharePoint site

Once your first classification is created, choose a friendly name and drive letter, this will be displayed in file explorer once the drive is mapped.

Underneath 'Group' there is the selection area for 'OneDrive or SharePoint Library'. Here you'll see the URL's of all your SharePoint sites. OneDrive is listed as '/[Mysite]', indicated in the screenshot below:

You can add as many drive classifications with as many drive mapping as you like. Once finished click 'continue'. You'll be presented with the screen below. Now you're almost ready to go! At this point click 'continue' and 'finish'. The download section will be available to you in the portal, along with install instructions.

How to Activate your CDM License Key?

Please contact your Account manager or the support team to activate your license key.

IAM Cloud's Technical Support Team. 

Support Portal:

Email us:

Phone (UK): +44 118 324 0000

Phone (US): +1 914 495 1298

You can edit the existing drive mappings and add new ones from the 'Configuration' tab and also download the installation files.

We recommend you edit your classifications and select 'Allow User Exit', which allows users to exit Cloud Drive Mapper if they wish.

When you come round to the install you'll need the Licence key, this can be found in your portal as indicated below. Each classification has its own licence key.

If at anytime you need any assistance then please contact our support desk who will be happy to help.

IAM Cloud's Technical Support Team. 

Support Portal:

Email us:

Phone (UK): +44 118 324 0000

Phone (US): +1 914 495 1298

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