This article relates to Cloud Drive Mapper.

A relatively common error we see when users first try Cloud Drive Mapper (normally on a trial) is this: 'Unable to Authenticate.'

There can be a few different root causes for this particular error. These are the most likely candidates to check first:

1. Check the SharePoint URL is correct and not misspelled/miscopied in our admin portal.

2. Is the application being "Run as Admin"? Cloud Drive Mapper should be run under the user context.  

3. Is there a genuine authentication issue? Can the user log into Office 365 and access the mapped location through the browser? 

4. The local cache file may need deleting and re building. To do this right click and exit Cloud Drive Mapper in the icon tray, then navigate to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\IAM Cloud in windows explorer. In here delete the entire folder named 'Cloud Drive Mapper', then reload it from the start menu, the folder will be rebuilt once that is done. 

If you check these and they all seem ok, the next step is to check the error logs. See Article: How to Obtain the CDM Logs for troubleshooting? 

Occasionally you can see the exact cause of the issue from the logs, so it's worth a quick skim read to see if there's anything obvious you can do to solve the issue. However if it's more complex and you're not sure what's causing the problem, then please send over the logs to along with a description of the problem and we'll happily help resolve it for you.