A common problem that we get with Cloud Drive Mapper is that a user receives the error: 'Unable to Authenticate.'


An engineer will want to check the following with you before providing a solution.

1. Check the SP URL is correct and not misspelt. This is usually only a problem during a trial.

2. Is the application being "Run as Admin" rather than '"Run as User."

3. Can the User log into Office 365 and access the mapped location?

4. Is Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) Enabled?  

See Article Does CDM Support MFA

5. Review the CDM Logs.

See Article:

How to Obtain the CDM Logs for troubleshooting?


If none of the above helps please send the logs to  the IAM Cloud Technical Support Team who will be happy to assist. 


Contacting the IAM Cloud Technical Support


Log a Support Ticket at

Email us at

Phone us: (UK): +44 118 324 0000

Phone us: (US): +1 914 495 1298